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Vintage ignition Parts

Welcome to Splitdorf - Vintage Ignition Parts, where you will find all kind of useful information about Veteran and Vintage motorcycle ignition systems, with special emphasis on the world famous Splitdorf units, as fitted to period Indians, Excelsiors, Hendersons, Aces, Readings and many more.


During our restorations, we found that it is terribly hard to find serviceable Splitdorf Generators, therefore it kick started our project to produce accurate reproductions of the Splitdorf DU-7 and Splitdorf DU-5 to an outstanding quality, not compromising on the purity of the original design, to fit to our bikes and other enthusiasts' at sensible prices.


More products are on the pipeline, awaiting further research and developments, such as the  Bosch ZEV Magneto and the popular  Lucas E3L and E3N.


vintage motorcycle ignition

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